Make $ By Selling Pizza! The Movie In Your Establishment

Pizza! The Movie can now be sold right from your own place!  This entertaining, informative, and funny 83-minute documentary about the pizza industry is now available for sale in pizzerias all over the country.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD AGREEMENT)

                                                                         THIS IS HOW IT WORKS:

                                                        1. THE DVD COSTS $14.99 FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.

                                                        2. YOU KEEP $5 FOR EVERY DVD SOLD.

                                                        3. WE PROVIDE YOU WITH AS MANY DVDS AS YOU'D LIKE

                                                        4. THERE IS NO UP-FRONT COST TO YOU OR BUY-IN FEE.

                                                        5. WE'LL JUST BILL YOU SO THAT WE RECEIVE OUR $9.99 SHARE PER DVD SOLD.

It’s that simple!  We’ll even provide the space-saving DVD display-box at no charge.  If you can offer the minimal room required to display Pizza! The Movie, your customers will surely be interested in purchasing this reasonably priced DVD to complement their dining experience in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Just think of it, someone comes in to pick up pizza for dinner at home with family, a date, or for a party, and that person can now bring home a unique and fun-filled movie experience anyone can enjoy.  That’s an easy $5 profit for you every time and you didn’t have to do much!

                                                                          LET'S DO THE MATH:

                                                        IF YOU SELL ONLY 5 DVDs A DAY, THAT'S 35 A WEEK

                                                        35 X $5 = $175 MORE PER WEEK FOR YOUR BUSINESS

                                                        $175 X 4 = $700 EXTRA PER MONTH

                                                        $700 X 12 = $8,400 ADDITIONAL A YEAR!  WHY NOT TRY IT?

This family-friendly flick explores how much this food is loved and respected by everyone!  Bring the wonderful world of pizza into the homes of your valued customers.  They’ll thank you for it!

                                         If at any time you choose to stop selling the DVDs, just let us know and that’s it.

To get involved, to see the movie, or just for some more information, please feel free to contact us at (phone contact available by email request).