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The U.S. Pizza Team?   The World Pizza Championship in Italy? 


Follow a team of uniquely talented, passionate pizza makers on their quest for success while exploring the fascinating American pizza industry, including the history of pizza, regional styles, legendary pizzerias, delivery drivers dressed as superheroes, pizza delivered by airplane, and much more.  You won’t believe what you see!

This fast-paced, fun-filled look at America's favorite food includes interviews with pizza industry figures from the co-founder of Pizza Hut to award-winning independent pizza makers to the publishers of two rival pizza magazines.  

It’s all true and it’s all in Pizza! The Movie.  Legendary pizza in New York City.  Chicago deep dish.  California gourmet and “artisanal” pizza.  Plus a history of pizza told from Naples, Italy, arguably the birthplace for the prototype of our much beloved modern pizza.  All this and an international acrobatic pizza-tossing competition!  Experience this fascinating subculture through an inside look at a vast American industry. 

It's more than just pizza; it’s a slice of life.